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O-film Tech Co., Ltd. formally began to operate in August 2002,listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2010 with stock code 002456. Our main products are TP, CCM, FPM etc., as well as developing in smart city and smart car fields. We are multi-national enterprises with branches in China, the United States, Japan, Germany, Finland, Holland and Israel.

Seizing the opportunity of rapid development of mobile Internet industry, O-film was growing quickly year by year, and has been one among the first-tier in this industry. Currently, we have almost 40 thousands employees, total assets of over 30 billion yuan. While being valued about 60 billion yuan in stock exchange market, we have been leading the development of the industry for many years and become a leading corporation in the worldwide. O-film has achieved arrangement in optoelectronic products field and smart car business, and kept rapid development with the drive of these two engines.

O-film strives to be the pioneer. Since 2002, O-film has begun to develop and produce IRCF, and became the greatest manufacturer around the world in 4 years, accounted for 1/3 of global market share. In 2008, O-film stepped into TP field with RTP production, the shipment volume kept being number ONE in China; From 2010, O-film turned into CTP, and maintained being the biggest CTP supplier around the world with the greatest globally shipment volume since 2013. In 2012, we marched into CCM field and managed to be domestic first-tier within a year's time. Now we have used automatic production lines in full range to became the top in CCM industry. In 2014, we stepped into bio-identification field and set up the biggest FPM factory in China within half a year, leading the completion of the whole industrial chain integration in the world and shipped 0.19 billion which was the biggest monthly shipment volume in the worldwide. In 2015, O-film started to layout in smart car field, established Shanghai O-film Intelligent Association and strove to become a core supplier of automobile intelligentization and a competitive first-tier brand internationally. In December 2016, O-film invested to set up virtual reality research institute to strength the arrangement in this industry. In 2017, we built a long-term strategic partnership with Israeli 3D algorithm company, Mantis VIsion Ltd. to cooperate and arrange in field of 3D imaging and relative technology and application. In April 2017, we completed the acquirement of  Sony Electronics Huanan Co., Ltd. in 100% shares in order to strengthen the arrangement in the field of camera, so that improving O-film's industry position and comprehensive competence in industry chain.

As one among the few outstanding enterprises in mobile network industry that has core intellectual property and core competitiveness in China, O-film, a development-oriented company, invests exceed 5% of revenues to fund for research and development each year. Technology innovation had brought fruitful achievements in intellectual property, O-film applied for 4138 pieces of patent in the worldwide, 2376 among which were accredited. At present, O-film built a multi technology direction and multi level research and development system with establishing two provincial-class engineering Center, one provincial-class corporate technology center, and preparing to build a state key laboratory, to further the arrangement in fields of 3D image, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, bio-identification and so on. In addition, O-film set up research center in San Jose, Tokyo, Suwon and Taipei to acquire superior local technicians, cutting-edged technology information and industry information, so that integrate global resources and lead the development of industry. 

Currently, O-film has mapped a development strategy that using dual engines of optoelectronic products and smart car business, to step from consumer electronics to smart car. Looking into the future, O-film will strengthen the advantages in touch control system, CCM system and FPM system, exert to build the core competence of intelligent manufacture and expand to new areas such as smart car and AR/VR on the basis of advantage in optoelectronic business. We will make still further progress in our business development and work hard to be a global technological leading company.

President Oration

Throughout the world, any enterprise that only consists of the organizing system would not last a long time, it terminates because of market factors, social factors, political factors or internal factors. To lengthen the life of a company, we have to co-build another system upon organizing system, which is cultural system.

O-film’s cultural system will make everyone here understand each other better, emotionally connect with each other, coordinate with others and enrich our knowledge. It will enable us to be a firm unity of spirit which cannot be destroyed.

We believe in the business ethics of customers first, and always take it as the core of our operations to meet customer’s demand. We believe that kindness will be repaid by kindness and we are willing to help everyone in need, especially those who helped us ever, including customers, suppliers, shareholders, workers and people in society. We abandon the conservative thinking that blocks the development of science and technology progress, and we will keep learning, researching and absorbing new technology, and try to apply them into developing new products and services with fastest speed.

Hope we work together to make O-film not only famous in China, but also successful and respectful throughout the world!

Development History
To be a worldwide, respected, high-tech leader.
2018 In October ,acquisition of Fuji film lens related patents and Fuji Tianjin full equity .

In Dec., "Shenzhen O-film Tech Co., Ltd." is renamed"O-film Tech Co., Ltd."; stock short name changed to "O-film Tech".

In Nov., Co-financed with Nanchang Honggutan City investment group co. Ltd to set up a joint venture company Nanchang Virtual reality theme park Co., Ltd.

In Nov., O-film Co-financed with Nanchang Innovation investment enterprise management center to set up a joint venture company Nanchang O-film Precision Optical Products Co., Ltd.

In Aug., O-film Co-financed with natural person Su Zhihong to set up a joint venture company Nanchang O-film Curved Coverplate Technology Co., LTD.

In Jul., Established a wholly-owned subsidiary Nanchang O-film Touch Technology Co., Ltd.

In Jun., The touch panel products of Magic Factory has been put into mass production.

In Apr., O-film has continuously boost its comprehensive competitiveness and industrial leadership in the industry chain with the completion of acquisition of equity in Sony Electronics Huanan Co., Ltd.

In Mar., O-film reached a strategic cooperation relationship with Mantis Vision Ltd., developer of user-friendly 3D scanning technology solutions in Israel. The two sides will conduct extensive cooperation in sectors like 3D imaging, 3D technologies and 3D applications.


In Dec., invested to establish the research institute of virtual reality, strengthened the arrangement in virtual reality industry chain.

In Nov., invested in Shenzhen virtual reality company, strategically laid out in the frontier of VR industry.

In Nov., acquired Sony Electronics Huanan Co., Ltd. to strengthen the arrangement in camera field.

In Aug., invested in ODG in US, strategically laid out in AR frontier technology.

In Aug., controlled Shanghai Eastern China Automobile Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Tianqing Automobile Information Technology Co., Ltd, speeded up automobile intelligentization layout.

In Apr., invested in BAIC BJEV Company, formed a comprehensive strategic partnership, laid a solid foundation for smart car industry.

In Mar., formed wholly-owned subsidiary Nanchang Multi-media New Tech Co., Ltd. to expand company’s operating business.

In Feb., bought Finnish Senseg Company, to lead the enhancement of user experience of touch sensor technique, in the fields of consumer electronics and smart car.

In Feb., signed the investment agreement with Huangli town people’s government of Xiangcheng district in Suzhou city, aimed to develop on-board touch panel, center control and other relative industries in Xiangcheng district.

In Jan., O-film wholly-owned subsidiary corporation Temobi and Fujian Xingyun Big Data Co., Ltd. planned to jointly invest and set up a joint venture, Fujian Province Video Capacity Public Service Platform Operating Company, to achieve resources sharing and advantages complementing.

In Jan., established the Sinvo Property Insurance Co., Ltd, with other 7 companies, main businesses were car insurance, enterprise and family property insurance and cargo insurance, etc.


In Nov., O-film established and co-founded O-film Intelligent Environment Tech Co., Ltd with Guangzhou E-STARS and Sinvo Capital, aiming to become the Chinese leading integrator of smart city integration solution system.

In Oct., O-film pre-arranged a private placement of 1.5 billion to build intelligent vehicle projects, deeply dig intelligent vehicle market.

In Sept., Shaanxi Tourism Administration, Tongchuan Municipal Government, Shaanxi Cultural Industrial Investment Co. Ltd. and O-film signed agreement, to build Shaanxi smart tourism big data center together.

In Aug., Shaanxi Cultural Industrial Investment co., Ltd, Xi 'an Qujiang Cultural Tourism Investment co., Ltd and O-film signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote smart tourism development in Shaanxi Province.

In July., O-film signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with China Mobile Internet of Things, and established strategic cooperative relations with each other to create a new ecological environment of intelligent vehicle.

In June., O-Film Automotive Technology Co., Ltd was set up, and began to layout the automotive electronics and vehicle networking market.

In Jan., O-film expanded in-depth cooperation with FPC. The Win-win cooperation accelerated the mass adoption of FPM in intelligent terminals in China.


In Oct., Nanchang O-film Wisdom Information Industry Co., Ltd was set up, to exploit the intelligent field and to become a leader in smart city field in China.

In Aug., O-film completed the second directional private issuance, raised 2 billion RMB, and all funds were invested to develop Nanchang base. On the basis of accumulative total investment of 7 billion RMB in Nanchang, O-film raised new investment of 5.4 billion RMB.

In July., O-film acquired Shenzhen TEMOBI Science and Technology co., LTD and gained its TIVC video compressing & decoding technology, built the closed loop of mobile Internet multimedia comprehensive services.

In Mar., Nanchang O-film Biometric Identification Technology co., Ltd was founded, and entered the biometric technology field. In only half a year, a nationally largest biometric identification module factory had been built up.

In Mar., O-film bought MEMS technology and related assets with from DOC, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Tessera company. MEMS technology enables the high pixel micro-camera to achieve fast AF, multi AF and continuous AF functions as SLR cameras. It enables O-film to take the first chance in high pixel micro-camera industry revolution.

In Feb., 'O-film Advanced Technology Research Institute' was set up in Nanchang.

In Feb., Taiwan O-film Technology co., Ltd was set up. O-film's four basic international R&D centers in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan were basically formed, facilitating access to acquire local quality resources of science and technology, and the forefront industry information.


In Mar., Nanchang O-film Display Technology Co., Ltd and Nanchang O-film Optical Technology Co., Ltd were founded, which served as manufacture base for cover glass for TP.

In Feb., O-film issued the directional private placement successfully for the first time, raised 1.5 billion RMB, which all invested to develop Nanchang base.


In Oct., Nanchang O-film Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd was founded and Nanchang O-film industrial cluster was in an early form. O-film launched into the field of high pixel camera.

In Sept., 'O-film - Chinese Academy of Sciences Flexible Photoelectric Technology Joint Lab' was established.


O-film began to transfer from RTP to CTP (Capacitive Touch Panel), became a famous supplier of smart phone touch screen.

In Oct., Nanchang O-film Technology co., Ltd was founded, served as the R&D and manufacture base in Nanchang.

In Aug., Shenzhen O-film Technology co., Ltd listed on the SZSE (Shenzhen Stock Exchange) under the stock code 002456.


In Sept., O-film began to R&D and produce RTP (Resistive Touch Panel).


In Oct., O-film completed the shareholding system reform, and renamed as Shenzhen O-film Technology co., LTD.


IR-CUT Filter shipment volume took the first place in worldwide, accounted for one third of global market share.


In Aug., O-film began to R&D and produced IR-CUT Filter, and became a mainstream supplier in industry like Flextronics and Fujinon.

In Aug., O-film launched into operation officially and started an entrepreneurship stage under the leadership of chairman Cai Rongjun.

Enterprise Honors

In November 2018 The Guangdong Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce released the list of “Guangdong Top 100 Private Enterprises in 2018” to the society. Ofilm ranked 26th on the list with a revenue of 33.791 billion yuan, ranking the same as last year.

In October 2018 Ofilm has entered the Top 100 of China's Innovative Enterprises for three consecutive years

In October 2018 State Intellectual Property Normal Enterprises in 2018

In September 2018 China's Top 500 List of Enterprises in 2018 was first listed by ofilm, ranking 472.

In August 2018 Winning the 57th place of Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises in 2018, Winning the 16th place of Guangdong Top 100 Manufacturing Industry in 2018, Winning the 16th place in the Top 100 Private Enterprises of Guangdong in 2018

In August 2018 AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise Winning Customs

In July 2018 China's Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises List has been released, and ofilm has been on the list for six consecutive years.

In July 2018 Winning the 24th place of "China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises in 2018"

In June. 2018 FPC products win the Innovation Award of vivo for two years in a row.

In Jan. 2018 The wholly-owned subsidiary Nanjing Tianqing Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. was honored with '2017 outstanding innovation' award by SAIC Motor.

In Jan. 2018 The wholly-owned subsidiary, O-film Biometric Identification Co., Ltd. was authorized to be a municipal-class engineering technology research center and provincial-class corporate technology center.

In Nov. 2017 O-film awarded 'HUAWEI Year 2017 The Excellent Core Partner'.

In Nov. 2017 Nanchang O-film Biometric Identification Technology Co., Ltd, has been approved by Nanchang municipal engineering technology research and development center.

In Oct. 2017 FPM and LCM obtained the customs AEO certification.

In Aug. 2017 Get on the China’s top 500 enterprises list on Fortune once again, jumped 43 places over the previous year.

In July. 2017 Awarded the '2016 Mayor Quality Award' by the Shenzhen Municipal People Government.

In May. 2017 Awarded 'Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award'.

In Mar. 2017 Awarded '2016 Annual Quality Excellence Award' by Huawei.

In Nov. 2016 Awarded '2016 Annual Best Quality Partner Award' by Huawei.

In July. 2016 Awarded 'Quality Excellence Award' by OPPO.

In July. 2016 Ranked in '2016 (the 30th) China Electronic Information Top 100 Enterprise'.

In July. 2016 The “Large Ultra-HD Rolling Mold Manufacture Technology and Application” project awarded Second Prize of 2015 Jiangxi Province Technical Innovation Award.

In May. 2016 Awarded '2016 Jiangxi Province Pioneer Worker'.

In Feb. 2016 Passed the certification of 'National Hi-tech Enterprise'.

In Jan. 2016 ShenZhen Temobi Science & Tech Co., Ltd, which is O-film's wholly owned subsidiary, won the second prize in National Science and Technology Progress Award.

In Nov. 2015 Awarded 'Shenzhen hign-tech enterprise'.

In Oct. 2015 O-film awarded '2015 annual National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise'.

In Oct. 2015 Awarded 'Top 100 Private Enterprises in Shenzhen'.

In Sept. 2015 O-film Wisdom was entitled as '2015 annual outstanding manufacturer of Chinese smart city'.

In Aug. 2015 O-film was on the list of '2014 annual Forbes Asia Pacific best listing Corporation Top 50'.

In Jul.2015 O-film honored to be on the list of '2014 annual Taurus listing Corporation Top 100'.

In Feb. 2015 Passed the certification of 'national high-tech enterprise'.

In Mar. 2015 Honored 2014 annual 'Quality Excellence Award' by Huawei company.

In Jan. 2015 Awarded 'Chinese Mobile Phone Core Supplier TOP50'.

In Dec. 2014 Won the sixteenth China Patent Gold Award.

In Dec. 2014 Awarded 2014 Annual 'Core Supplier' and '2014 Annual Supplier Quality Award' by Coolpad.

In Nov. 2014 Entitled as 'the Annual Famous Brand' in the selection of '2014 Annual the Most Influential Brand in Touch Panel industry'.

In Oct. 2014 Became the first batch of intellectual property Model enterprises of Jiangxi Province.

In Sept. 2014 Awarded 'TOP 10 management team of Chinese SME Board Listing Corporation', 'TOP 10 Most Growth Value of Chinese SME Board Listing Corporation' and 'TOP 10 of Top 50 Value of Chinese SME Board Listing Corporation' in the value selection.

In July. 2014 Listed in 'TOP 100 enterprises of Chinese electronic information industry'.

In June. 2014 Won the 'Best support Award of 4G' by Coolpad.

In May. 2014 Entitled as 'Outstanding Service Award' by Lenovo.

In Mar. 2014 Awarded 'Outstanding Business Award' by Xiaomi.

In Mar. 2014 Awarded '2013 Annual Quality Management Excellence Award' by Huawei.

In May. 2013 Awarded a title of 'Excellent Supplier' by Lenovo.

In Dec. 2012 Awarded '2012 Annual Core Supplier' by Huawei.

In Dec. 2012 Awarded '2012 Core Supplier' by Coolpad.

In Dec. 2012 Won 'The First Grade of Technology Progress' in Shenzhen.(Temobi)

In May. 2012 Awarded 'Lenovo Group Excellent Supplier' and ' Lenevo Group Excellence Service'.

In Nov. 2011 Established National-local joint engineering laboratory of Mobile digital video and audio coding and decoding.(Temobi)

In Aug. 2011 Won 'ECO-Partner' certificate from Samsung.

In Aug. 2011 Became the Mobile media service platform provider of the Shenzhen Universiade.(Temobi)

In June. 2011 Awarded 'Supplier Newcomer' by TCL company.

In June. 2011 Awarded 'Strategic Partner' by the Zhenhua Electronics Group Communications Limited.

In May. 2010 Became official media mobile platform provider of the Guangzhou Asian Games.(Temobi)

In Aug. 2009 Awarded the title of "Excellent Supplier" by Fujifilm company.

In 2009 Awarded “ECO-Partner” by Samsung.

In 2008 Awarded 'Excellent Supplier' by STMicroelectronics.

In Aug. 2008 Became 'Mobile TV' platform provider and system integrator of the Beijing Olympic Games.(Temobi)

In 2008 Won 'Private Enterprises Top 100' from the government of Bao'an District in Shenzhen.

In 2008 Awarded the 'Technology Innovation Award' by the People's Government of Bao'an District.

In 2006 Awarded 'Foreign Investment Advanced Technology Enterprise' by the Shenzhen Trade and Industry Bureau.

In June. 2006 Selected as 'Standing Director Unit'of China Optical Electronics Industry Association.

In June. 2004 Certified by the ISO9001:2000 quality management system.

In 2003 Became 'Shenzhen SME Credit Mutual Association Director Unit'.

By May of 2018, O-film has applied 4329 patents worldwide, and obtained 2620 granted patents.
Social Responsibility

O-film regards environment protection as one of the most important parts of the development strategy, upholds the environment-friendly concept of 'green development and harmonious coexistence'. With the developing policy of 'fulfill the commitment to the social responsibility, show care for the health and safety of employees, protect the legal rights of staff and improve the capability of energy efficiency and pollution prevention” , O-film is dedicated to developing 'green' products featuring environment friendliness and free of pollution, to satisfy the higher requirements from the society and consumers. By attaching importance to sustainable development, O-film endeavors to construct itself into an environment-friendly enterprise.

Anti-Corruption and Uphold Integrity Policy

As the old Chinese idiom says, 'if there were too many wood worms inside the tree, the forest may fall; if there were large gaps on the wall, the wall will collapse'. Corruption can be harmful to a company’s development, thus anti-corruption campaign is crucial to the company. O-film is facing a severe anti-corruption situation. The chairman insists on harsh punishment to any corruption behavior, and we have to the courage to fight even tigers. Our company has zero tolerance to any corruption activity! Any person in our company will be severely punished lawfully once we find out he or she engaged in any corruption activity. We shall never let corruption spread in O-film.

In March, 2014, O-film held an anti-corruption conference at Nanchang location. During the conference, the chairman made a speech and led his administrative staff to pledge and sign integrity agreement, which demonstrated our determination of 'remedying confusion with severe punishment, removing illness with strong medicines' and the courage of 'scraping bones to eliminate poison, cutting the wrist like brave warriors' in combating corruption, and kicked off the anti-corruption campaign.

Currently, O-film’s anti-corruption campaign has attained some achievements. While we organizing internal inter-department activities, we enhanced our inspection on any bribery behavior between O-film and suppliers, so that implement combating corruption effort both inside and outside the company.

O-film is devoted to building a sound, transparent partnership with suppliers and third-parties. Therefore, O-film requires suppliers, third-parties and our staff strictly comply with regulations below:

1. The bribing behaviors include, but are not limited to, providing O-film staffs and/or their relatives with cash, meals, goods, gift cards, gifts, cash cards, free services, wechat red packets, paying for any personal expenses, and offering loans, etc.

2. Suppliers are prohibited from accepting O-film staffs, former staffs and their closely related relatives’ equity participation or providing employment.

3. O-film staff and their relatives are prohibited from participating in material trades or any intermediary activity related to accordant projects with suppliers.

4. Prohibiting any second-tier supplier unless designating by O-film official documents.

5. Prohibiting subcontracting, subordinating, colluding or conspiring.

7. Suppliers shall actively coordinate with O-film to investigate and inspect, and proactively inform inspecting department of O-film for employees’ unreasonable requirements or acts in violation of laws or regulations.

Any supplier violating the above regulations will be put into the blacklist that never collaborate again. Any employee violating 1, 3, 4 or 6 regulation, will be dismissed immediately, regardless their job title, grade, or position. Their corruption cases will be report to police department for further investigation.

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