Public Welfare

OFILM has always adhered to the concept of social return and been keen on social public welfare undertakings, supporting the development of the industry with technology innovation, taking concrete actions to make positive contributions to the local employment, education and poverty area of vulnerable groups.


OFILM actively maintains close cooperation with local colleges and universities to provide employment opportunities for graduates. In order to realize the combination of production, teaching and research, OFILM carried out Directional Training Class in cooperate with colleges and universities. We are committed to the spread of professional knowledge, skills and technologies at the places where we operate. Through job creation, developing innovative technology and participating in industry association, we contribute to the development of the community.

In recent years, OFILM has recruited a batch of outstanding doctoral students, master graduate students and undergraduates from Nanchang University, Xi 'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology, etc. to expand research and development strength. In addition, OFILM has cooperated with Nanchang University and other colleges, universities and research laboratories to jointly promote the development of local science and technology.


As the core enterprise in the industry chain, OFILM’s rapid growth and market and business expansion also drove the growth of raw material supply chain, supporting facilities and service providers, logistics, sales and business, thus forming a large amount of indirect job opportunities, made positive contributions to economic prosperity and social stability. At the same time, OFILM continually expand the scale of itself under the premise of sustainable development, and create jobs for local unemployed people.

Fighting Against Covid-19

In the prevention and control of covid-19, OFILM made its own contribution to overcome the difficulties. With practical actions, OFILM has demonstrated its responsibility as a leader of the optical industry.

Since the outbreak of covid-19, OFILM positively took concrete actions to combat the epidemic, with a total donation of more than 20 million RMB, to fully support Wuhan, Nanchang and the surrounding epidemic areas in Hubei to fight against covid-19.

In the critical period of fighting against covid-19, hospitals fighting in the forefront of epidemic prevention and control have issued the notice that they were facing similar shortages of drugs and supplies and began to accept social donation. Relying on its global layout, OFILM has made full efforts to purchase epidemic prevention materials through overseas professional channels.

After coordination and communication with various parties, OFILM urgently raised medical professional masks and other protective materials in South Korea and other countries as soon as possible to deal with the shortage of domestic medical and epidemic prevention materials.

In total, more than 90000 masks and 3000 imported protective clothing were donated to hospitals such as Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Jiangxi Provincial Children's Hospital, etc.. In addition, OFILM also donated some much-needed supplied for anti-epidemic, such as forehead thermometer, medical protective mask, alcohol-based sanitizers, hand sanitizer, to effectively improve the current situation of the shortage of anti-epidemic materials.

Affected by covid-19, the amount of blood donation has been declined significantly. OFILM launched the initiative of free blood donation, and over 300 OFILMers joined in the action of free blood donation to interpret the public spirit of "protecting life and fighting epidemic" with practical actions.

Taking part in public welfare and interpreting responsibility, OFILM has devoted his love, transferred warmth and positive energy with his own practical actions.

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