Green Environmental Protection

Including environment protection as one of the most important parts of the development strategy, OFILM upholds the environment-friendly concept of ‘green development and harmonious coexistence’. With ‘fulfill the commitment to the society, show care for the health and safety of the employees, protect the legal rights of staff and improve the enterprise with energy efficiency and pollution prevention’ as the developing policy, OFILM is dedicated to developing green products featuring environment friendliness and free of pollution, to satisfy the increasing demand of the society and consumers. By attaching importance to sustainable development, OFILM endeavors to construct itself into an environment-friendly enterprise.

OFILM has formulated a general policy of 'energy conservation, waste recycling, continuous improvement and pollution prevention' to govern environment protection and set up an annual energy conservation plan to rigorously implement the measures of energy control characterized by 'using electricity, water, raw materials in an efficient way and employing pollution-free substances'. Regular investigations were also enforced in energy utilization, with famous companies for verification to implement a comprehensive plan of diagnosis, integration and improvement.

While healthily growing, OFILM also intensifies investment in such programs within the industrial park like energy conservation and consumption reduction, waste recycling, water quality improvement and so on. By importing advanced technologies from overseas, OFILM has access to real-time supervision on the recyclable waste, ensuring it to be in line with the international criteria on environment influences. Meanwhile, OFILM carries out several environment protection activities including An Hour on Earth, volunteering work, exchanging meeting and prize-giving quiz for environment protection etc. to inspire the ecological awareness of the staff.

Energy Saving

Every business is seeking ways to saving energy and reducing consumption. OFILM actively responds to the state policy by strengthening the measures of energy saving, intensifying the investment and tests on R&D of products, to ultimately improve the quality product yield and reduce the influence of production consumption on environment. The company has successively imported the GHG carbon troubleshooting reviewing and certified by ISO14064 Carbon Emission Management System. In line with the development orientation of global energy conservation and environment protection, the company has been continuously phasing out and updating backward electrical motors, equipment to effectively save electrical energy. Thus, OFILM was awarded the honorary title of “2015 Advanced Unit for Industrial Energy Conservation and Consumption Reduction”.

Environment Management

Since inception, OFILM has been actively building environment management systems and intensifying promotion of the awareness for environment protection within the company. Meanwhile, in line with the governing standard of China, OFILM featured 'three simultaneousness' managing standard, carried out several systems regarding checking, inspection and detection, etc. to make sure the emission of pollutants meeting the standard in a stable and continuous way. 

Recycling and Waste Reduction

As one of the priorities of OFILM in environment protection, recycling and waste reduction is majorly characterized by resource conservation and waste recycling. By measuring the consumption reduction of per unit of resource, it achieved sustainable recycling of energy. OFILM puts forward requirements for the recycling process of waste water, exhaust gas, hazardous wastes and industrial trash to meet the corresponding indications prescribed by state laws and regulations. Meanwhile, we intensify the effective recycling of waste water to achieve efficient energy management of water resource. It starts from the source all the way through the whole process, to prevent pollution, thus minimizing the waste emission and promoting pollution-free management.

Clean Production

During the development, OFILM has been pursuing harmonious coexistence of human beings and nature, actively pushing forward clean production, carrying out rigorous inspection on raw materials and achieving control from the origins. By prioritizing the using of raw materials, techniques, technologies and equipment featuring low toxicity and pollution free, OFILM minimized the influence on the environment. Dedicated to developing green products featuring safety and environmental friendliness, OFILM attaches importance to sustainable development and regards constructing an eco-friendly enterprise as the fundamental goal. As of 2011, OFILM passed the verification of cleaning production and reached the 2nd level of international cleaning production.

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