Research Institute
O-film Advanced Technology Research Institute

Complying with the economic transformation and innovation development trend of China, O-film established the “O-film Institute of Advanced Technology" in February 2014.

The primary role of the Institute is to focus on business innovation, selecting advanced technologies and the latest scientific research based on market demand, as well as concentrating on the implementation of engineering and industrial R&D. Along with the long-term development of O-film’s technologies and product portfolio, it strives to become a world-class innovative company.

Research is currently underway to extend the development of nano-materials, printed flexible transparent conductive film technology and optoelectronics, flat panel displays, wearable electronics technology, whilst striving to create new breakthroughs throughout these interconnecting fields.

O-film - Chinese Academy of Sciences Flexible Photoelectric Technology Joint Lab

As of September 9th 2012, O-film achieves cooperation with Nanotechnology and Nano Bionic Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, agreeing to jointly construct “O-film - Chinese Academy of Sciences flexible photoelectric technology joint lab”

The cooperation is rooted in optical nanotechnology, targeting the new global development trend of flexible photoelectric technology, with developing China’s flexible photoelectric micro-nano cutting edge technology as the prime task and goal, and thus to further pave the technological foundation of “advanced nano flexible optoelectronic manufacturing engineering technology center” set up by Nanchang O-film Tech Co., Ltd.

Engineering Center
Jiangxi Province Precision Coating Engineering Research Center

In April 2012, O-film’s wholly owned subsidiary---Nanchang O-film Photoelectric Science and Technology co., Ltd was approved in Jiangxi province and Jiangxi Province Precision Coating Engineering Research Center was established.

The establishment of this center will provide technical support for the construction of coating experiment and test platform, the study of precision coating, the improvement in the technology of coating monitoring, the development of flexible substrate coating process, the realization of commercialization and proceduralization of online membrane materials, the higher requirements of digital imaging, mobile communications, optical communications, laser, flat panel display and other products for precision coating and optical components.

Postdoctoral Station

Approved by the postdoctoral committee of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, O-film’s postdoctoral research station ([2013] No. 61 document issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security) was formally approved and established in August 2013. Research areas are nano-engineering technology, micro-circuit, optical, optical film, optical mechanical and electrical integration, vacuum technology, materials science and technology, semiconductor processing technology and other disciplines.

Currently, O-film’s postdoctoral research station was anchored in the Postdoctoral station of Suzhou Nano Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Professional direction: Physical Chemistry) and the Postdoctoral station of the Science School in Nanchang University (Professional direction: chemical engineering). We recruit doctoral students of relevant field, and signed a joint training post-doctoral cooperation agreement. Combining production and research, we convert the outstanding scientific research of the station into products to promote talent growth.

We have regarded the innovation of science and technology as the driving force of our development. Upholding the talent philosophy of "discover new talent and recognize existing talent, assign it and utilize effectively", we strive to develop first-class scientific research team. We have the independent intellectual property rights of all our technologies, including the field of nano-engineering technology, micro-circuit, optical, optical film, optical mechanical and electrical integration, vacuum technology, materials technology, semiconductor processing technology, etc.

We want you! We will not only provide you with generous research environment and hardware facilities, but also set up a professional team to work with you. Let’s work together and create great undertaking.

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