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FPC products win the Innovation Award of vivo for two years in a row
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O-film was recognized by vivo with the globally-initiated optical fingerprint solution, and awarded the honor of ‘Innovation Prize’.

O-film dedicated to practically advance the unity of nations
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On April 26th, the research group led by DU Yu, the vice director of the Supervision and Inspection Department, State Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People’s Republic of China, arrived at O-film’s 1# industrial park in Nanchang and researched the nation-unity work.

O-film Year 2017 Annual Report:Various Businesses Co-Developed, Innovation Drove the Growth
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In 2017, O-film achieved 33.79 billion yuan of revenue, the year-on-year growth was 26.34%, and the net profit attributed to shareholders was 1.1 billion yuan, resulted in 40.47% of the year-on-year growth.

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O-film is an enterprise of international platform, which formally began to operate in August 2002, and then listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2010 with stock code 002456. We are a multi-national enterprise with branches in China, the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, Finland, China's Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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O-film's main products are TP, CL, LCM, CCM, FPM etc., as well as developing in smart education, smart tourism, smart parking, smart home, AR/VR and smart car areas.

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