Social Responsibility

OFILM is actively fulfilling the responsibility, considering the impact of its decision, production and operation on the economy, society and environment and realizing risk minimization. On the basis of this, the company pays enough attention to the expectations and appeals of stakeholders when it comes to the strategic planning, carry out the responsibility to the interested parties, and go after the comprehensive value creation. By integrating the concepts and comprehensive value creation of interested party into the whole process of operation, OFILM pursuits to realize a operating mode that the society and itself sustainable developing together.

Through learning from the enterprise social responsibility standard of outstanding listed companies, OFILM is continuously perfecting its social responsibility system while carrying it out. For now, we have built an enterprise social responsibility management system that contains financial responsibility, industrial responsibility, environmental responsibility, employee's rights and social rights.

The company actively performs its economic, environmental and social responsibilities. The concrete practices are as follows:
Economic Responsibility

The senior leaders have stressed the greatest responsibility of the enterprise is to operate the company properly. Hence one of the enterprise spirit is common prosperity, which means the company is running a big business that looking for common creation, common prosperity, common enjoyment, and putting away all the self-gratification and stand-still peasant ideology, continuous improving and pursuing excellence. With the leadership of company’s high-level leaders and efforts of all staff, the company has been maintaining a rapid and sound economic development, and has made immense contribution to the economic development of the branches' locations.

Environmental Responsibility

As a large-scale high-tech manufacturing enterprise, OFILM strictly follows the policy of “saving energy and lowering consumption, reducing pollution and decreasing drain, classified disposition and comprehensive utilization”, and has committed to discover a harmonious development mode of enterprise and nature. We formed a green OFILM development mode on the basis of forming a comprehensive environmental system, under the lead of green product development and using green operation realize as practical guarantee. Details are as below:

Improve the Environmental Management Mechanism

OFILM has established environment and EHS management organization,and built, carried on and maintained the environmental management system in accordance with the ISO12001 standard, systematically recognize and control the potential environmental factors, to reduce the adverse effect to the environment and prevent environmental accidents.

On the basis of our highly responsible attitude towards employees , customers and environment, OFILM strictly implemented supervisory control to the toxic and harmful substance in the whole production process of products from raw materials to the market. We forbid any toxic and harmful substance entering the production chain from products production, packaging, circulation to sale, and forbid any malignant affair happen to employees’ health, consumer safety or nature environment.

Company reduce the energy consumption and carbon emission in the whole operation chain such as daily official business and estate management through many types of energy conservation and emission reduction methods and technologies. We increase the operating performance of environmental management level, and recruit professional energy management institution to manage OFILM's operation with the carbon emission assessment.

Actively Develop and Promote Green Products

As a supplier of the terminal platform of mobile internet, OFILM initiate the whole green process from products R&D, manufacturing, logistics to supply chain.

Company’s products use raw material that is pollution-free and recyclable like specific optical glass, thin film, etc., which manifests the environment-friendly features of the product. The production processe was verified by Shenzhen clean production verification, ISO14001 environmental system certification and ISO9001 certificate of quality system. We controlled the product safety and environmental friendliness from the management. All the manufacturing devices strictly followed hazardous substance regulatory standards such as the ROSH, reach, HSF, etc., certified by professional organization evaluation like SGS, CTI, etc., conformed the international standardized environmental and safety requirements, and finally achieved the GP verification and Eco-partner verification of some international customers. This fully indicated the concept of safety and environmental-friendly production of our company.

Green Production and Operation

Saving resources and protecting the environment are the only way to achieve sustainable development. The company stressed on the concept of sustainable development in order to save the resources and improve the efficiency of energy use.

On the premise of ensuring the first-class environmental protection in internal production, the company pays more attention to the social influence on external environment, through improving the environmental protection facilities, improving the production process and eliminating the production equipment and technology that does not meet the requirements of environmental safety. While improving the hardware, the company annually input running costs to ensure good operation condition of the environmental protection facilities.

In the respect of waste use, the company implemented garbage classification; None-recyclable and dangerous waste is distributed to the qualified disposal units. Recyclable waste is distributed to professional recycling company to recycle; within the company it is implementing a recycling system at the same time, e.g. leftover materials for developing fixture; cartons and blister boxes are recycled from customers for use, etc..

In order to reduce emissions of pollutants, OFILM stopped the using of unclean energy such as kerosene and diesel oil. We have joined emissions reduction projects such as the ‘twelfth five-year plan' Guangdong Province enterprise energy-saving low-carbon action', Shenzhen carbon emissions trading, etc., contributed energy-saving strength to Guangdong Province. OFILM constantly promotes energy efficiency improving plan, continuously exceeds energy saving target.

The company advocates "energy conservation, emissions reduction and low carbon official business," sustainably using propaganda window, Intranet, Light of OFILM and so on, widely publicized environmental protection policies and systems, helping every employee to form the habit of "energy conservation and environment protection". Through the establishment of energy saving management mechanism, manage all kinds of resources used in the production process to reduce the energy consumption in daily work and eliminate waste.

OFILM pays great attention to the environment of factories and office areas, integrates ecological protection into the whole process of enterprise development, production and management. We vigorously carry out environmental renovation, increase the green coverage, promote environment improvement inside and outside the factory and office.

Participate in the Public Welfare

Company firmly believes that environmental protection depends on the joint efforts of the whole society and each enterprise citizen. The company and the environment public welfare organizations, government, partners and other stakeholders had made interactive cooperation, to participate in the environmental public welfare activities, organize low carbon practicing activities, so that jointly promote the environmental construction and advocate environmental protection concept. On the eve of earth day, OFILM called for energy conservation and launched environmental protection volunteering activity.

In the aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction, application of clean energy and contribution in the promotion, our company has drawn attention from all walks of life by our outstanding performance.

Social Responsibility

OFILM has always insist the guide of research and development, is one of the few domestic enterprises with core intellectual property rights and core competitiveness in the mobile communications industry. We promote the development of industry technology innovation.

OFILM invested more than five percent of annual revenue in funding for research and development. At present, OFILM has built 3 provincial engineering centers and 1 provincial technology center, and has built a multi technical direction and multi-level development system. We have a professional doctoral and master talent team and a R&D group of more than 5000 people.

OFILM has been positive for transformation of scientific and technological innovation, turned out the fruits of the intellectual property, our patent amount increased remarkably. The 'graphical conductive thin film technology', which was independently researched and developed by OFILM, won the 16th Chinese patent gold award. The embedded metal silver nanoparticles mesh technology which involved in winning patent, is a revolutionary alternative technologies for ITO that can be widely applied to the touch and display components, solar energy, medical, defense and other fields. The project manifested the company's transformation of intellectual property rights 's to economic benefits. In October 2015, OFILM was awarded '2015 Annual National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises' title, this was issued by the state intellectual property office, was affirmation and encouragement on the thin light intellectual property management work. It was also a landmark event in the company's intellectual property rights history, marked the development of its intellectual property going into the fast lane. While promoting the development of industry, the company also got rapid development.

Social responsibility

OFILM has always adhered to the concept of social return. As a member of the community family, OFILM had been keen on social public welfare undertakings, supporting the development of the industry with technology innovation, taking concrete actions to make positive contributions to the local community's education, employment and poverty area of vulnerable groups.

Details are shown in the table below:

Provide Working Opportunities

As the core enterprise in the industry chain, OFILM’s rapid growth and market and business expansion also drove the growth of raw material supply chain, supporting facilities and service providers, logistics, sales and business, thus forming a large amount of indirect job opportunities, made positive contributions to economic prosperity and social stability. At the same time, the company continually expand the scale of itself under the premise of sustainable development, and create jobs for local unemployed people. By now we have settled the employment of 28000 people.

Improve Community Environment

Encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities, launch environmental protection campaign and do cleaning, so that improving the community environment.

Meanwhile, we signed a contract with suppliers on environmental health and safety, to safeguard the social environment together.

Support the Education Industry

Education and culture is the foundation of social community construction and economic development. Our company is committed to the spread of professional knowledge, skills and technologies at the places where we operate. Through job creation, developing innovative technology and participating in industry association, we contribute to the development of the community.

OFILM has launched 'Job-oriented Training Campaign' with Nanchang Institute of Technology, Nanchang Vocational and Technical College, etc., to establish a channel of combining industry and education. Through creating jobs we make contribution to development of the economic and society.

Company has recruited a batch of outstanding doctoral students, master graduate students and undergraduates from Nanchang University, Xi 'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology, etc. to expand research and development strength. In addition, OFILM has cooperated with Nanchang University and other colleges, universities and research laboratory groups to jointly promote the development of local science and technology.

Company made donation to set up " Tsinghua University Industrial Innovation and Finance Research Institute," to support Tsinghua University's teacher development and research work in fields of industry development, industry innovation, technological innovation and finance.

Care Poor and Vulnerable Groups

Fulfilling the corporate social responsibility, to warm a hundred of elderly and warm left-behind children.

Responsible Sourcing
Requirements for suppliers

We require our direct suppliers to identify smelters, refineries and countries where 3TG or other metals originating from, and conduct investigation at least once per year, or at the frequency required by OFILM. Our suppliers' code of conduct of responsible sourcing is as follow:

1. Only purchase 3TG (tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold) and other high-risk minerals from smelters and refineries certified by independent third party auditors.

2. Carry out due diligence consistent with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.

3. Shall not use materials obtained through any form of illegal mining.

4. It is not prohibited to purchase 3TG (Ta, Sn, W, Au) minerals from Congo and its neighboring countries.

Responsible Sourcing Statement & Policy

All suppliers of OFILM should regularly investigate the gold (AU), tantalum (TA), tin (SN), tungsten (W) and other metals in their products, and confirm the sources of these metals.

Respecting human rights and protecting the environment are core principles of OFILM and we are highly concerned about the infringement in mining. OFILM is firmly committed to the prevention of gross violations of human rights such as child labor, forced labor, and other high risk activities, including severe health and safety risks and negative environmental impacts. We refuse to use 

3TG, which directly or indirectly poses a risk of armed conflict, and ensure that minerals we purchased will not directly or indirectly provide fund or be benefit to armed organizations which violate human rights.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we pledge and promise:

1. Fulfill corporate social and environmental responsibility.

2. Raw materials fully "conflict free".

3. Exercise due diligence in our supply chain and trace the source of Au, Ta, Sn, W or other metal contained in products.

4. Strictly follow requirements of the Responsible Mineral Assurance Process (RMAP), Responsible Mineral Initiative (RMI), and the code of conduct for responsible business alliance (RBA).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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