Starting from July, the new national standards will come into effect, and OFILM is actively expediting the adoption in electronic rearview mirrors
Release time:2023-03-01

On December 29th, 2022, the national standard GB15084-2022, titled "Performance and Installation Requirements for Motor Vehicle Indirect Vision Devices", was released. This standard will come into effect on July 1st of this year and introduces new provisions such as the "Camera-Monitor System" and the "Dual-Function System of Rearview Mirror and CMS”.

One of the highlights of the new national standard is that cars can now be equipped with electronic rearview/sideview mirrors, also known as Camera-Monitor System (CMS), and have option to replace traditional rearview/sideview mirrors. This means that starting from July 1 of this year, Chinese cars equipped with CMS can be legally manufactured and driven on the roads, potentially indicating a shift away from traditional rearview/sideview mirrors. The favorable environment for the development of electronic rearview/sideview mirrors presents opportunities for domestic enterprises to enter the market.

OFILM has developed a comprehensive solution for electronic rearview/sideview mirrors by integrating its three major product lines: automotive cameras, display screens, and system controllers. Leveraging its accumulated expertise in the field of optics, this solution provides drivers with a wider and clearer view and reduces wind resistance. Furthermore, it also integrates ADAS functions to ensure safer and more comfortable driving.

Currently, OFILM has obtained designated projects for electronic rearview/sideview mirrors from several automakers for installation in their passenger cars. These products have been highly recognized by customers for their outstanding performance. OFILM is currently expediting project implementation and aims to achieve mass production once the new regulations come into effect.

▲Prototype demonstration of OFILM's electronic rearview/sideview mirror with in-cabin display

Six prominent features guarantee safe travel

Compared to traditional rearview/sideview mirrors, which often suffer from problems such as "partial viewing," "inadequate clarity", "multiple interferences", and "large wind resistance", electronic rearview/sideview mirrors have several advantages. These include a wider field of view, reduced blind spots, automatic light compensation without being affected by environmental conditions, lower noise, and the ability to effectively reduce wind resistance, benefiting energy savings and reduced emissions.

OFILM has been expanding in the field of intelligent vehicles since 2015, and in 2017, it focused on rearview/sideview mirror products with forward-looking planning. In 2018, OFILM began mass production of streaming media rearview/sideview mirrors for domestic automakers and presented a trial installation of electronic rearview/sideview mirror products for another automaker, and completed the development and mass production of its first-generation electronic rearview/sideview mirror products. Since then, OFILM has continued to make efforts in the electronic rearview/sideview mirror field and independently developed its product technology in 2022. It has won a designated project for high-end intelligent electric vehicle projects in China, which will achieve mass production after the new regulations are implemented.

The OFILM electronic rearview/sideview mirror arms are equipped with 2M cameras that have a heating function on both the left and right sides. Inside the cabin, there are two 7-inch displays. The product has the characteristics such as fast startup, low latency, a wide field of view, high picture quality, multiple functions, and high reliability.

1. Fast startup: The screen can display images within 1 second when the user opens the side door, regardless of the vehicle's status.

2. Low latency: The entire process only takes 35 milliseconds from camera shooting to screen display and it can reliably maintain a stable streaming image even when driving at high speeds.

3. Wide field of view: OFILM has over ten years of experience in camera product development and mass production in the field of optical imaging systems. With this extensive expertise, OFILM can customize cameras according to customer requirements. On the basis of the default field of view of HFOV39° x VFOV23°, the field of view can be extended to HFOV63° x VFOV34.9° in special driving scenarios (such as parking, turning), making the display field of view appear ideal and minimizing blind spots.

4. Excellent image quality: In low-light driving conditions such as nighttime or extremely dark environments, the electronic rearview/sideview mirror can achieve high image display. Moreover, with the internal FPC heating design, the camera can effectively defrost and defog in harsh conditions like rain, snow, and mist, ensuring clear images.

5. Multiple functions: OFILM's electronic rearview/sideview mirror is equipped with a built-in brightness sensor, allowing it to automatically adjust the display brightness according to the ambient light conditions, providing a viewing experience that is more comfortable for the human eye. Additionally, the backlight brightness can be manually adjusted through button operation. The CMS can also integrate ADAS functions, enabling features such as blind spot warning and door opening warning. For blind spot monitoring and warning, it offers warning information display, view switching, and five customizable display view positions based on the driver's preferences.

6. High reliability: OFILM has a systematic functional safety solution and has mass-produced products with functional safety systems. The company excels in system stability.

Integration of three major product lines to build core competitiveness

OFILM, as a pioneer in the domestic electronic rearview/sideview mirror, offers a comprehensive product lineup of automotive cameras, display screens, and system controllers. With extensive experience in research, development, and production, as well as a solid software and hardware foundation, OFILM is well-equipped to develop and mass-produce electronic rearview/sideview mirrors that meet the required standards.

1. Systematic functional safety solution: In June 2022, OFILM's CMS product successfully obtained ASIL-B functional safety level certification according to ISO 26262 standards. The company has an independent functional safety team dedicated to ensuring the development of safe and reliable CMS products. Furthermore, OFILM has implemented functional safety mechanisms at each stage of the entire video link, including camera sensors, encoders/decoders, and push-screen displays.

2. Entire image quality process management: OFILM has implemented a comprehensive quality control system throughout the entire imaging process to ensure that every part meets high quality standards. From camera research and development to mass production, OFILM employs advanced automation equipment, standardized software and hardware platforms, and rigorous image color uniformity detection, distortion detection, and brightness uniformity detection to achieve precise image control.

3. Technical support service: OFILM offers customers a comprehensive one-stop solution for electronic rearview mirrors, including design, development, manufacturing, delivery, after-sales service, and system integration. Additionally, OFILM has developed CMS simulation tools to facilitate the design and integration of camera-monitor systems into partner projects. This streamlined approach enhances the efficiency and convenience of implementing electronic rearview mirror solutions while ensuring seamless integration with customers' specific requirements.

OFILM's electronic rearview mirror products have been mass-produced for many customers and have gained market recognition for their performance and quality. The market potential remains significant due to the rapid development of intelligent and electric vehicles. OFILM will continue to increase investments in research and development, production, and service, and expedite the pace of mass production to offer an expanded range of high-quality CMS products that cater to the diverse needs of customers.

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