Ofilm announces Fifth Generation of Advanced Automotive Body Control Module (BCM) for State-of-the-Art Safety, Comfort and Security While Driving
Release time:2020-12-30

Ofilm announces the launch of its fifth generation of advanced automotive electronic Body Control Module, or BCM. Developed and manufactured in-house by Ofilm, this Gen-5 BCM makes available for automakers in China and globally a highly-developed, efficient and cost-effective processor-based microcontroller to supervise and control functions for y the car body such as windows, security, seat comfort, wipers, lighting, park assist, door locks and access control.

In order to accommodate the increasing number of tasks carried out by a BCM, while also reducing BCM size and weight, Ofilm designers needed to implement a higher level of integration in its new BCM, with a scalable and flexible architecture to fulfil a broad spectrum of requirements.

Each improvement in advanced driver-assistance systems (or ADAS) autonomous driving systems increases a BCM’s complexity. High bandwidth and low latency become paramount. This takes more computing power, which in turn has been pushing up the price of BCMs worldwide.

Ofilm focused efforts with its Gen-5 BCM on breaking this cycle of ever-increasing cost. Processing power and efficiency are significantly increased along with system integration. The Ofilm BCM operates as a gateway for bus and network interfaces to interact with an automobile’s electronic systems.

More specifically, Ofilm’s new BCM integrates Ethernet gateways, with 6-way 100base T1, optimized by Ofilm’s software systems. This reduces delays of bus signal transmission, which can improve an automobile’s overall performance and safety. Compared with other BCM’s on the market, Ofilm’s Gen-5 BCM uses less memory and less CPU resources, making software upgrades smoother and easier.

The Ofilm Gen-5 BCM works well on core tasks of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICE), electricity (EVs) or hybrids. In any of these types of vehicle, the Ofilm Gen-5 BCM delivers high real-time performance, embedded safety and security features. Also important, the BCM allows for continuous troubleshooting and can inform the driver about malfunctions.

The Ofilm BCM integrates other capabilities including tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) and passive entry passive start (PEPS) systems.

Today’s automobiles are designed to meet rising consumer demands for engine performance, engine responsiveness, torque, drivability, driver comfort, fuel economy and emissions. Ofilm’s BCM will enable automobile manufacturers to design and optimize features to satisfy these consumer preferences.

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