Business entity of CCM business unit is Nanchang O-film Photoelectric Technology Co. LTD which is established in October 2012. We have been focusing on the design and manufacturing of multi-functional high-precision micro photoelectric sensing camera module (CMOS Camera Module) and providing global customers with various kinds of new portable image equipment and a full range of quality-driven ODM service.

CMOS Camera Module, a core component of various kinds of new portable image equipment, is composed of sensor, lens, VCM (voice coil motor), FPC (flexible printed circuit) and connector etc. It is mainly applied to mobile phones, notebook computers, tablets, smart home, wearable devices, automobiles, VR/AR and security monitoring. Compared with traditional image pickup systems, CMOS Camera Module has many advantages such as miniaturization, low power consumption, low cost, high image quality, etc.

The CCM business unit has excellent R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance teams. With professionals and technologies that have been accumulated over years, the business unit can offer products with resolutions range from 3 million to 23 million. Having a quality assurance system, R&D capacities, automatic equipment and technical capabilities, it helps customers with the differentiated design and production solutions of different products like FF products (fixed focus), AF products (auto-focus), PDAF (phase detection auto-focus), OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), and Dual camera products etc.

The CCM business unit has adopted high-precision automation solutions from Germany, Japan, and South Korea etc. and has greatly improved product quality and stability with highly automatic production mode covering key processes such as packaging, checking and testing. Besides, we strictly executed a complete quality assurance system approved by world class factories in order to provide customers image modules with the best quality.

Currently, the CCM business unit has already established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with numerous domestic and foreign mobile-phone brands including Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Gionne, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung, and Motorola etc. and carried out comprehensive strategic cooperation with mobile platform programme suppliers like Qualcomm and MTK. We can complete the debugging of image effects of customize camera modules in the first place and cooperate with customers to seize the market opportunities.


In October 2012, Nanchang O-film Photoelectric Technology Co. Limited was established.

R&D centers, possessing core technology in photo electronics, MEMS, image processing, software algorithm, was set up in America, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea.

In May 2014, successfully merged American DOC and mastered the technology of MEMS that would be used in camera modules in the future.

In March 2015, the domestic advanced professional imaging technology evaluation center was set up.

In 2015, the shipment reached 0.2 billion (global market share is 8.1 percent).

In 2016, the automatic production line was set up.

In 2016, successively invest in and cooperate with leading imaging technology companies in America, Israel and Europe to develop core technologies for the prosperous development of imaging.

In 2016, completed the development and mass production of the mounting equipment with 6 fully automatic optical axis used in dual camera modules and owns the completely independent intellectual property rights.

In 2016, completed the development, standardization and certification of heterogeneous dual cameras in black and white, as well as dual cameras with depth of field at different pixels.

In 2016, it completed the development and mass production of dual cameras with different base plates and common base plate,.

Development Trend

3D and dual cameras have vast prospects for development and will be used more extensively in mobile phones, VR/AR, automobiles, etc;

There are increasing demands for the application of wide shots, 180 degrees fisheye and 360 degrees surround view video cameras to smart home and security monitoring;

There are increasing demands for miniatured packaging modules with low cost consumption in wearable cameras and motion cameras.

R&D Ability

The CCM business unit has set up 5 R&D centers in Nanchang, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and America.

Having hundreds of excellent engineers, the R&D center in Nanchang has set up a project team which is responsible for the development of custom-made software and hardware in mainstream products. The sample can be designed and delivered in a short time, catering to the customers' needs of rapid development and listing of products. At the same time, the center has set up a R&D team which is responsible for the development of automation equipment, production of special products and development of commercialization; the R&D center in Taiwan is responsible for the development and optimization of MEMS motor, the development of advanced AA packaging technology and its related algorithm; the R&D centers in Japan and South Korea are responsible for the design and development of special lens, as well as the development and research of the algorithm of advanced image processing technology; the R&D center in America is responsible for the optimization and design of MEMS motor, the development and research of semiconductor technology, as well as the research, development and cultivation of various innovative products in the future.

Product Application
  • 360 degrees surround view
    Optical testing laboratory
    Color testing laboratory
    Iris recognition
  • Facial recognition
    Gesture recognition
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