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Smart City

O-film Smart City devote ourselves to construct four major production lines of fusion monitoring, car networking, smart education and smart parking. We provide two main supports that are the capacity base of business application and the public platforms of government  industrial application system. At the same time, we solved four major issues of information silo, investments repeated waste, data access and circulate, and data assets application and value augmentation. Through the four opens of ability open, application open, data open and business open, we aim to achieve the final goal of capability collecting and releasing, governing strenthening, business flourishing and benefaction to people.

Integrated Monitoring Production Line

Opening safety management system integrated resource management, data forwarding, video storage with alarming linkage;

Centralized managing every independent disperse monitoring terminal and platform system at front-end via Internet;

Accessible to cameras of various protocol and integrated with many types of video sources;

Multi-screen adapted and can be watched through multiple terminals and networks.

Car Networking Production Line

Use 4G car DVR as entry point ;

Gradually build a complete car networking video application technology product that integrates board monitoring, live traffic video, video assisting driving, video capability platform and comprehensive car networking platform;

Provide integrated solutions to individuals and industrial customers.

Smart Parking Production Line

Provide two reforming schemes of roadside parking and indoor parking;

Roadside parking solution can help to increase the general profit of a parking space by reforming devices and payment methods, to increase the utilization of parking space and avoid evasion;

The idea of the indoor parking solution is to build non-stop pass smart parking lots through reforming the traditional indoor parking by applying high-speed scanning technology, internet payment method and mobile internet technology, etc. 

Smart Education Production Line

Basing on the recorded broadcast classroom, through the steaming media process technology researched and developed by our business department, we can support small data quantity HD educational resource transmission on education network and internet.

It is able to realize large-scale live interactive education and HD education resource video-on-demand to promote the basic teaching digitalized resource sharing.

Classic Case
Fujian province's public service platform of video

Take special network for emergency as the baseline network, the platform is respectively integrated with network such as public security network, special network for other units, Internet, etc. Through various means of communication method, it realizes the integration of video systems across regions, units and departments, so that provide reliable video data support for emergency command.

Constructing video platforms for China Mobile in many provinces

The video platforms that the business division has constructed for China Mobile in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and other places are geared towards the needs of local government and enterprises and major group customers to integrate video products. They will improve Hebei Mobile's video service product system in terms of the access, transmission, transcoding, distribution and terminal adaptation of video service.

The integrated smart tourism platform for Tourism Administration of Shanxi province

On August 8th, 2015, a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony of Shaanxi province Smart Tourism was held in Ziyun Tower of Tang Paradise in Xi'an. O-film, Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Group and Qujiang Cultural Tourism formally formed a strategic cooperative coalition for Shaanxi province Smart Tourism. On September 11th, 2015, Tourism Administration of Shaanxi province, Tongchuan Municipal People's Government, O-film Group, and Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Group jointly signed an agreement of Cooperation on Shaanxi province's Smart Tourism Big Data Center / Silk Road Huigu Industrial Park. With smart tourism as the entry point, they would construct smart tourism application system, smart city public service platform, and online-and-offline integrated platform for culture tour.

Offering streaming media service platform for mega sports events

In 2008, the first and largest comprehensive international events held by China, Beijing Olympic Games, was geared towards the match-watching needs of billions of Olympic spectators. It's a great challenge for any enterprise to broadcast the live sports event on mobile phones under the technical conditions at that time. Being the predecessor of the business division of smart city and an integrator of mobile video, Temobi cooperated with China Mobile to carry out "mobile video" project of Beijing Olympic Games. That was the first time new media was used to offer mobile phone users a visual feast of sports events in Olympic history. Afterwards, the business division has also provided streaming media service to Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade.

Offering support for the construction of China Mobile's five operation bases

The business division of smart city has offered support for the construction of video platforms in China Mobile Gamebase, China Mobile Video Base, China Mobile Cartoon Base, China Mobile Internet Base, China Mobile Base of Internet of Things, etc.

The education informationization project of Fujuan Educational Bureau

The business division has constructed a provincial platform for Fujuan Educational Bureau, covered 18 schools. With excellent technology of audio/video encoding and decoding, the technology of automatic object detection and tracking in image, and strong and comprehensive performance and function, the business division can provide users with an all-dimentional, multi-layered and efficient digitized live-action multi-media teaching platform.

Cases Summarize

Operators Business

Hebei Mobile video capacity platform program

Shanxi Mobile video capacity platform program

China Mobile Internet of Things video capacity sub-system

China Unicom Wo + self-media platform

Huashu mobile-television-business operation supporting platform

Baishitong terminal content-play and operation-analysis platform

Tianjin Mobile wireless-city-platform reform

Shandong Mobile “Mobile Home Monitoring” business

China Mobile Shanghai video base program

China Mobile Jiangsu mobile game base program

China Mobile “G3 Big Eyes” business

China Mobile mobile animation base

Jiangsu Mobile mobile-video-business integrated service platform

China Mobile Sichuan “Yijutong” business

Huashu TV public-network-portal platform construction program

CCTV International Network co., ltd. IP-based program

China Mobile Asian Game media service program

Guangzhou Asia Music Festival “Online Music Hall” program

China Media – mobile network business platform

Fenglianshitong mobile-network-business platform

Chengdu Media public mobile-internet platform

China Mobile Jilin Province Ping’an property insurance

China mobile Internet of Things mobile-phone-QR-code advertisement marketing platform

China Mobile Shanghai cloud-based transcoding platform service program

China Mobile Jiangsu intelligent transportation information service platform


Government-enterprise Business

Fujian Province video capacity public service platform

Shaanxi Province Tourist Administration smart travel integrated platform

Shenzhen state-owned-enterprise resource capital lease management information system

Beijing Lily multi-media English classroom

Jiangxi Province Jiujiang city primary school premier interactive recorded broadcast classroom

Nanchang City Donghu District “Smart Urban Inspector” program

Shanghai Jinqiao Internet Cultural Industry public service platform (intelligent cloud service system)

PetroChina Southwest Gas Field Branch emergency management system

Shenzhen Grain Group grain visualized-monitoring system

Bureau of Work Safety of Sichuan Province Municipality's mobile emergency command program

Huaibei Mining's emergency commanding program

Anhui Hengyuan Coal-Electricity's coal mine emergency commanding program

Fujian Province's safety monitoring and inspecting incident emergent-handling system

Sichuan Province Peiling City's police affairs' mobilized information platform

Guangxi Province Public Security Bureau's mobile police affairs system

Henan Province Luohe Municipal Organization Department's “Window of Party Construction” development program

Guanghui Petro Shipping's mobile video monitoring system

Shenzhen Ocean Shipping's mobile video monitoring system

Zhuhai Huadian Shipping's mobile video monitoring system

Sichuan Province Mianyang City's science&education start-up park mobile informationized comprehensive operation management platform

China Society Newspaper's party construction education system


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