We encourage and enable lifelong learning by making available extensive skills and knowledge training programs for all staff. We need and want all our employees to grow personally and professionally, to find satisfaction in their jobs and their career pathway.

Our organized training programs begin from the first day as an Ofilm team member. During induction training we are most concerned with making our new hires feel comfortable and valued at Ofilm. We also provide an important grounding on company policies so all employees can feel safe on the job, free from physical dangers or harassment.

We then offer a variety of on-the-job training programs, short and longer-term. The goal is to help interested employees to raise skill levels and so enhance the prospect for promotion and career advancement.

We love promoting our people to more senior and well-paid positions. We make a special effort to provide specific training programs to assist in gaining promotions at Ofilm.

Along with offering multiple training curricula within the company, Ofilm also where appropriate enables staff to undertake additional training and educational coursework outside the company or via online learning.

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