Working With Us

We believe and invest in making Ofilm a great place to work. Many tech companies seek to attract talented and ambitious people with similar skills and expertise. Optics, semiconductors, sensors, display technologies, intelligent driving – these are all fields with lots of opportunities, not just at Ofilm.

So why work at Ofilm? One good reason is to accelerate one’s own career development in a way that’s only possible at a company that’s both already quite large and diversified, as well as one that continues to grow quickly in industries actively changing the way with live and work. The speed of decision-making, the lack of hierarchy, a respect for personal initiative, and an embrace of new ideas, fast change and challenge all make Ofilm rather special.

We are a China-based company, but one that is internationalized to its core. We have a strong mix of cultures, backgrounds, nationalities working for us as one united team both inside China and in our international offices and R&D centers.

We look for people whose values match our own – those with a strong moral compass, a sense of duty and social responsibility, collegial and a thirst for knowledge.

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