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Smart City

Based on independently innovated technologies including video-audio compression, transmission and middleware technologies of cloud computing, Smart City Business Unit have established five output platforms for location-based service, Internet of Things, E-business, video fusion and big data application, and offers video technic support and services to internet application organizations.

Our Business Unit focuses on the construction and operation of the video capability platform, offers basic capability platform and integrated solutions for Safe City, Smart Park, Intelligent Security System and Connected-Car. In adition, the business unit develops solutions for vertical industries such as emergency command, video conference, smart education, smart parking and smart home, and realizing the mobilization, informatization and intelligentization of a city.

Based on public video service platforms, independently innovated video capability related products and application system, Smart City Business Unit strives to build a million-level video distributing platform within 3 to 5 years to make our operations of video services including intelligent security, Internet of Things platform, smart education and smart parking etc. spread throughout China. Meanwhile, we determined to become the leading force of new media of China and new communication fields and develop video related services and applications in the fields of safe city, community security, emergency, E-business and big data analysis of tourism.

In addition to the commercial achievements, Smart City Business Unit has paved the way for industry-university-research-fund cooperation. A series of basic technology research platforms have been established, such as 'The Nation-local Joint Project Lab for New Mobile Video Encoding and Decoding TIVCF Technology', 'Shenzhen MCM Mobile Cloud Computing Engineering Technology Center' and 'Shenzhen Engineering Lab for Mobile Digital Video-Audio Encoding & Decoding'.

Until now, Smart City Business Unit has possessed 252 independent intellectual property patents, 23 international patents for invention and 8 PCT international patents, which breaking the foreign monopoly and achieved a representative outstanding performance for China in multimedia field.

Main Products & Cases

We devote ourselves to construct four major product lines, which are integrated monitoring, connected car, smart education and smart parking, provide two main support of the capacity base and the public platforms of government with its surrounding industries’ application system of the smart city business application. At the same time, we solve four major issues of application island silo, repeated waste of investment, data access and circulation, and value adding of data application assets. Through the 'four opens' of ability open, application open, data open and business open, to achieve the final goals of power integration and release, government enhancement, business promotion and benefication to people.

Cooperative Partners

Facing the government and industries, Smart City BU is specialized in the top development planning of smart city, the construction and operation of smart city system, and exploring the construction of smart city system and new modes of business operation. It aims at promoting the implementation of the government's smart city, intelligent application and intelligent industrial projects.

The business division of smart city has cooperated with the government and third-party enterprises to jointly set up 'O-film's Special Investment Funds for the Industrial Development and Construction of the Smart City', forming an "industrial alliance". They are jointly creating representative and widely influential application projects in vertical industries.

R&D Ability

The smart city BU has professional technical research and development teams, among which research staff account for over 60 percent of all personnel, and over 90 percent have bachelor's degrees. Being from prestigious R&D research institutes such as Nanjing University and Princeton University, members of core teams are responsible for the construction of R&D system, the analysis of technological development, the research of market demands, the formulation of product strategies and the R&D of products. Having engaged in the video field for around 10 years, the team has technical research experience such as carrier-class video platforms, big data, cross platform application of mobile multimedia, and the development of end products of educational multimedia resources application. This young and high-quality team has an in-depth understanding of the industry's core technologies.

Core Technologies

The core competitiveness of smart city BU lies in a series of innovative breakthroughs it has made in video technology. It's using independent intellectual property rights to create world-leading technology.

TQOS, a safeguard technology for the service quality of mobile network, allows access to the Internet through the full network of 2G, 3G and WIFI. It can make the most use of network bandwidth in the environment of wireless broadband and achieve a totally no packet loss transmission through a certain retransmission scheme. Meanwhile, it has the ability to dynamically adjust communication flows of mobile streaming media based on the network or each user. TQOS can automatically adjust the playing speed rate of streaming media service on the basis of the fluctuation in wireless bandwidth so as to guarantee that each user can be offered the best user experience of the streaming media.

TMDM, a mobile cloud computing middleware technology, adopts "cloud computing" service system. Being a general solution from user terminals to the application service terminal, it primarily includes 5 major function components: a client engine, a visual development tool, a high-performance server, a cloud compiling system and a developer community.

When offering the same video quality, this self-developed video coding-decoding technology can save 35 percent of the data usage compared with H.265.

Core Technology 1:H.265 Video Coding Technique

TEMOBI’s accumulated years of experience in Video field. Based on the next generation video compression technology, HEVC/H.265, we led the release of a full range of products including coding, transcoding, streaming distribution and multi terminal decoding and the terminal-to-terminal streaming media solutions, which promoted the development of video technology and business applications to the higher level.

HEVC/H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) is a video coding standard that has been officially approved by the International Telecommunication Union(ITU). Compared with H.264 standard, the compression rate has been improved significantly, while the calculation of the algorithm was increased by ten times as well.

Same surface quality, H.264 versus HEVC/H.265

A full range of products

Core Technology 2 Enhanced Mode of H.264 Video Coding Technique

TEMOBI’s conducted several optimizations on H.264 video coding supported by mobile streaming media system to achieve better image quality and higher compression rates under the requirements of the specifications.

Optimization Contents

Core Technologies Applications

At this stage, H.264 coding and decoding optimization program has achieved preliminary results, third party testing report showed that about 20% improvement on the overall performance.

Core Technology 3 TQOS Technology

TEMOBI’s Mobile Tencent Quality Of Service ( TQOS) allows the access to the Internet through the network of 2G, 3G and WIFI. It could utilize the network bandwidth to the maximum extent within the range of the wireless broadband. Through certain retransmission mechanism, it achieves zero packet loss in transmission and has the ability to dynamically adjust mobile streaming media communication flow based on the network or every user. TQOS can automatically adjust the playing speed of streaming media service according to the fluctuation in wireless bandwidth so as to guarantee that each user can be offered with the best user experience of the streaming media.

The transmission of mobile network works on the principle of employing real-time monitoring of the Internet condition between the server and client. According to the Round-Trip-Time, it dynamically collects statisticabout the RTT of wireless Internet, so that caculate the maximum and average bandwidth of the transmission, and give feedback in real-time about the rate of package loss , the serial number of package loss, the size of client buffer zone and the ratio of playing to transmission. The server provides retransmission to the package loss according to the feedback, at the same time, it adjusts and sends video rate and speed rate according to bandwidth in real-time.

Core Technology 4 TMDM Technology

TEMOBI’s TMDM, a mobile cloud computing middleware technology, adopts "cloud computing" service system. Being a general solution scheme from user terminals to application service, it primarily includes 5 major function components: a client engine, a visual development tool, a high-performance server, a cloud compiling system, and a developer community.

The main functions of mobile middleware products are help developers to develop applications that fitted to mobile Internet business logic with high-quality, low-cost and convenience. Facing business operators to help them facilitate functional upgrades, content updates and application upgrades conveniently and efficiently.

There are 3 Outstanding Features:

No.1 It implements "one deployment" and "multiplatform operation". It suits many types of mobile phone, covers a wide range of operating system and supports all kinds of mobile networks. Currently, it has been adapted to comply with about 600 mainstream mobile terminals including Symbian(3rd、5th、anna、^3), Windows Mobile(5.0、5.5、6.0、6.5), Android(1.5、1.6、2.0、2.1、2.2、2.3、4.0), OMS(1.5、2.0、2.5);iOS(3.X、4.X、5.X), Blackberry, etc. and other software and hardware conditions.

No.2 It is user-friendly with the features of low development threshold, short cycle, simple business deployment, support flexible business forms and so on. In the native development environment of each operating system, developers need to master all kinds of basic languages (such as C++, Java, Object-c, C and other programming languages), need to master the underlying API and capability sets of each operating system. If using the mobile middleware products, developers only need to master simple scripting languages similiar to HTML, Java, Script to develop business on multiplatform. As for the development cycle, developers can complete the mobilisation of a mobile business system in 2-3 weeks by using the mobile middleware products, and only need to deploy once, then the system can generate a software package for all types of mobile phone operating systems.

No.3 As for the support for mobile business operators, one can update the business logic after refresh without upgrading the client. In terms of business form, the company stores a wealth of business templates, and often updates. In terms of client performance, the client landing time is 3 seconds, and the page transition time is 1-3 seconds. As for the service support performance, a MCMServer server can support concurrent 4000 user services simultaneously.

Typical Cases

Fujian province's public service platform of video

Take special network for emergency as the baseline network, the platform is respectively integrated with network such as public security network, special network for other units, Internet, etc. Through various means of communication method, it realizes the integration of video systems across regions, units and departments, so that provide reliable video data support for emergency command.

Constructing video platforms for China Mobile in many provinces

The video platforms that the business division has constructed for China Mobile in Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong and other places are geared towards the needs of local government and enterprises and major group customers to integrate video products. They will improve Hebei Mobile's video service product system in terms of the access, transmission, transcoding, distribution and terminal adaptation of video service.

The integrated smart tourism platform for Tourism Administration of Shaanxi province

On August 8th, 2015, a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony of Shaanxi province Smart Tourism was held in Ziyun Tower of Tang Paradise in Xi'an. O-film, Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Group and Qujiang Cultural Tourism formally formed a strategic cooperative coalition for Shaanxi province Smart Tourism. On September 11th, 2015, Tourism Administration of Shaanxi province, Tongchuan Municipal People's Government, O-film Group, and Shaanxi Culture Industry Investment Group jointly signed an agreement of Cooperation on Shaanxi province's Smart Tourism Big Data Center / Silk Road Huigu Industrial Park. With smart tourism as the entry point, they would construct smart tourism application system, smart city public service platform, and online-and-offline integrated platform for culture tour.

Offering streaming media service platform for mega sports events

In 2008, the first and largest comprehensive international events held by China, Beijing Olympic Games, was geared towards the match-watching needs of billions of Olympic spectators. It's a great challenge for any enterprise to broadcast the live sports event on mobile phones under the technical conditions at that time. Being the predecessor of the business division of smart city and an integrator of mobile video, Temobi cooperated with China Mobile to carry out "mobile video" project of Beijing Olympic Games. That was the first time new media was used to offer mobile phone users a visual feast of sports events in Olympic history. Afterwards, the business division has also provided streaming media service to Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade.

Offering support for the construction of China Mobile's five operation bases

The business division of smart city has offered support for the construction of video platforms in China Mobile Gamebase, China Mobile Video Base, China Mobile Cartoon Base, China Mobile Internet Base, China Mobile Base of Internet of Things, etc.

The education informationization project of Fujuan Educational Bureau

The business division has constructed a provincial platform for Fujuan Educational Bureau, covered 18 schools. With excellent technology of audio/video encoding and decoding, the technology of automatic object detection and tracking in image, and strong and comprehensive performance and function, the business division can provide users with an all-dimentional, multi-layered and efficient digitized live-action multi-media teaching platform.

Case Summary
Operators business

Hebei mobile video capacity platform program

Shanxi mobile video capacity platform program

China mobile internet of things video capacity electronic system

China Unicom Wo + self-media platform

Huashu mobile television business operation support platform

Baishitong terminal content play and operation analysis platform

Tianjin Mobile wireless city platform transformation

Shandong Mobile “Mobile Home Monitoring” business

China Mobile Shanghai video base program

China Mobile Jiangsu mobile game base program

China Mobile “G3 Big Eye” business

China Mobile mobile animation base

Jiangsu Mobile mobile video business integrated service platform

China Mobile Sichuan “Yijutong” business

Huashu TV public network portal platform construction program

CCTV International Network co., ltd. IP-based program

China Mobile Asian Game media service program

Guangzhou Asia Music Festival “Online Music Hall” program

China Media – mobile network business platform

Fenglianshitong mobile network business platform

Chengdu Media public mobile network platform

China Mobile Jilin Ping’an property insurance program

China mobile Internet of Things Co. mobile phone QR code advertisement marketing platform

China Mobile Shanghai cloud-based transcoding platform service program

China Mobile Jiangsu intelligent transportation information service platform


Government-enterprise business

Fujian Province video capacity public service platform

Shaanxi Province Tourist Administration smart tourism integrated platform

Shenzhen government-owned enterprise resource capital lease management information system

Beijing Lily multi-media English classroom

Jiujiang city of Jiangxi Province primary school premier interactive recorded broadcast classroom

Donghu District of Nanchang City “Smart Urban Inspector” program

Shanghai Jinqiao Internet Cultural Industry public service platform (intelligent cloud service system)

PetroChina southwest gas field branch emergency management system

Shenzhen Grain Group grain visualized monitoring management system

Sichuan Province Bureau of Work Safety of mobile emergency command program

Huaibei mining industry emergency command program

Anhui Hengyuan coal-electricity and coal-mining emergency command program

Fujian Province security monitoring and accident emergently handling system

Peiling City of Sichuan Province police affairs mobilized information platform

Guangxi Province Public Security Bureau mobile police affairs system

Luohev of Henan Province Municipal Organization Department “Window of Party Construction” development program

Guanghui Petro Shipping mobile video monitoring system

Shenzhen ocean shipping mobile video monitoring system

Shenzhen ocean shipping mobile video monitoring system

Zhuhai Huadian Shipping mobile video monitoring system

Mianyang City of Sichuan Province science education technology park mobile informationized integrated operation management platform

China Society party construction education system


Success Cases
Beijing Olympic Games in 2008

In 2008, Beijing Olympic Games is the first comprehensive international competition undertook by China. Although the needs of watching games on mobile phones have emerged, the supporting network and terminal facilities were immature. Meeting the requirement to realize live video on billions of audiences’ cellphones was a big challenge for any company based on the technical conditions at that time. Eventually, as a mobile phone video integrator, TEMOBI cooperated with China Mobile to implement the Beijing Olympic Games ‘mobile video’ project. TEMOBI was responsible for provide T3 platform and TIVC Codec technology, TQOS transmission quality assurance technology and TMCM Technology. This is the first time in Olympic History that a visual feast was provided through new media for mobile phone users anytime and anywhere.

Guangzhou Asia Games in 2010

During the 16th Guangzhou Asia Games, the sponsor predicted that there would be around ten thousands of media come to report the games. Providing good services for such a large group of media was a big challenge for them.’ The Mobile Media Service Platform for the Asia Games’ built by TEMOBI became the ’New Weapon’ to provide fast and diverse media services for registered Media. This technology integrated the Asian games media services on the mobile terminals such as mobile phone. In addition to the high performance services of T3 platform and TIVC technology, TEMOBI customized "Instant messaging service" for media who attended to report the Asian Games, which was highly appraised by the Organizing Committee of the Asian Games.

Shenzhen Universide in 2011

The excellent performance of TEMOBI’s new media service platform at the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010 has won widespread praise from users. The platform played a great role again in Shenzhen Universide in 2011. Through the media mobile platform that TEMOBI customized for the universide, media agencies and journalists could use mobile phones or computers to obtain the services including live broadcast, press-desk inquiries, venue information, media traffic, event arrangements, photography services, media announcements, media forums, mobile phone positioning etc. This greatly enhanced the media transmission capacity.

China Mobile , Kaleidoscope

Under the lead and support of the Communist Youth League, TEMOBI developed "Kaleidoscope" for China Mobile to provide users with clear and smooth mobile multimedia services. It was a mobile multimedia integrated application service which integrated browsing, searching, live broadcast, on-demand, downloading and interactive functions. This service could meet the needs of individuals and industry customers for mobile multimedia services. It provided rich content of multimedia services to 2.5G/2.75G/3G users through mobile-phone terminals, customized mobile terminals or PC . This set of overall operation program from clients to the operating system had tens of millions of users and profound influences in the industry. We used the international leading TIVC video codec technology to enable 2G users to enjoy the clear and smooth mobile multimedia services without changing terminals and 3G users to experience greater services with less data consumption.

China Mobile, Video Base

‘Videos on the Mobile-phone’ of China Mobile Video Base is currently the largest mobile video service in the world with over 10 millions of users. It has over 60 live broadcast channels and more than 1.8 million of program-on-demand. As the largest business partner and core technologies supplier of China Mobile Video Base, TEMOBI provides them streaming media platform and support services by using core technologies such as TIVC and TQOS, etc., which enables the users to use mobile Video services in 3G, WIFI networks, and even watch mobile video in 2G or 2.5G networks.

China Mobile, Animation Base

In April 2010, China Mobile Telephone Animation Base officially settled in Xiamen. It was one of the 9 value-added service bases of China Mobile. Mobile Animation Base provides integrated lifestyle of ‘New media, new experience, new culture’ through the browsing content of "anime cellphoneization " and digital derivatives of "mobile animation". TEMOBI supplies streaming media systems and animation play platform & plug-ins for animation base, which enables the users of Android, iOS, WP, Symbian, Kjava systems to watch online video on 'mobile-phone animation' terminal.

China Mobile, Game Base

Game Base, one of the 9 value-added service bases of China Mobile, is built and leading operated by Jiangsu Mobile. According to China Mobile’s official statistics, by the end of 2012, it has 400 million of registered users and over 40 million of active users per month. As an important partner of Game Base, TEMOBI provides TIVC,TQOS,TMCM technologies, streaming media systems and play libraries. And play libraries has been integrated in the Game Lobby where users can watch introduction videos of games. It greatly improved customer experience and enhanced adhesiveness of users.

Wireless City

Wireless City uses various wireless access technologies and integrates massive information and applications to improve convenience of shopping, transportation, education, healthcare etc. for citizens and give the tools of opening, sales, promotion, management etc. to enterprises. As for government, it provides information support to city management, make government affairs public and supervised etc. TEMOBI built the first wireless city’ Wireless Xiamen’ based on the core technology platform-T3 in 2008. Based on that, we initiated 14 wireless city building projects including ‘Wirless Jilin’, ’Wireless Dongguan’, ’Wireless Zhongshan’, ‘Smart Guangzhou’ , ’Wireless Fujian’, ’Wireless Shanxi’ Middle China ’Wireless City Group’ etc. It made TEMOBI a leader in wireless city construction.

Application on The Internet of Things, YIJUT

YIJUT, a new family informatization product for family, small businesses and small shops , is developed by TEMOBI and China Mobile Internet of Things Base based on technologies of TD-SCDMA wireless communication and Internet of things. It provides real-time monitoring for users by accessing the wireless sensor device, collecting and processing all kinds of environmental information and passing through the wireless network. TEMOBI was responsible for technical proposal, project research and development, platform customization and operation maintenance.

Mobile Video Command

PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company is a regional branch of Petro China Co Ltd. In 2009, its oil production ranked 7th in China. As the oil and gas chemical industry is one of the high-risk industries, it has high risk of accident hazards. Southwest Oil and Gas Company uses the mobile video command system which is developed on T3 platform to collect and transmit the audio & video information wirelessly , send early warning, alarm, handling information timely, organize mobile video conference, and realized the transcoded audio & video information on supervisory platform be used on mobile terminal and interact with the previous system. This built a highly effective operation system to prevent, monitor, precisely predict, efficient handle and quick respond to big incidents.

Mobile Policing and Innovative Social Management

For the mobile office and management needs of police officers like traffic police, patrol police, criminal police, security police etc., TEMOBI create a highly effective mobile police application solution – ‘Mobile Police service" which is a typical application of the T3 platform gateway system (V-gate) in the public security industry to meet the needs of the public security industry to access video, transmit and interact commands during moving, emergencies handling and other conditions . Meanwhile, the system integrates data query, field enforcement, GPS positioning and other functions which provide a flexible, fast and efficient mobile police application solution for the public security departments. Now, it has been deployed to the Guangxi public security department.

Shenzhen Cereal’s Group Co LTD., Intelligent Visualization Logistics

Shenzhen Cereal’s Group Co LTD., with the largest grain storage facilities in Shenzhen, is a large state-owned grain enterprise integrating grain circulation, processing, storage, trade and related industries operation. In order to eliminate the information silos in the process of logistics, they adopted the visual logistics solution based on T3 platform, realized the visualization of the whole process of procurement, warehousing, logistics, trading, processing, packaging, quality testing, BI decision-making analysis etc., which created great economic benefit and social benefit.

On-line Party School and Education

Fujian Community Party school education was built on the cooperation between Fujian Mobile and Fujian Provincial Party Committee Department as one of the crucial measures to expand Fujian Wireless City application. It is a platform system which integrates remote command, interaction, education and training. Through the combination of network technology and mobile terminal, the ideological and moral education for Party members and the content of government affairs are integrated into the unified mobile phone platform. The training of Party members and the government information, learning courseware lectures are put on the publicity column. Everyone can browse the materials on cellphones anytime and anywhere. Besides, it also realized the direct broadcast function of the party and government affairs meetings, and the party members could participate in the meeting on mobile phone.

Intelligent Transportation 365

‘Intelligent Transportation 365’ is a free mobile phone map software for Android system that TEMOBI developed for Nanjing Intelligent Transportation System Corp.. TEMOBI was responsible for product design, product development, operation maintenance and support. This software was built by using RFID technology and high definition video technology. Users can check the traffic conditions by viewing the real-time surveillance through mobile phones. It integrated traffic information, traffic events, dynamic route planning, traffic violation queries, living index and other functions to help users travel conveniently.

G3 Big Eyes, Intelligent Life

G3 big eyes (G3 wireless video security terminal) is a wireless video surveillance terminal that TEMOBI and Guangdong Mobile provides to family and industry customers based on TD-SCDMA. G3 integrates video surveillance, remote control, security alarm and other functions. Those functions can be achieved through mobile-phones or PC immediately. G3 is easy to install and operate, and its unique TIVC codec technology allows users to watch real-time video smoothly in the 2G network environment and make real-time supervision in offices, homes, shops and any other places with mobile signal coverage.

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