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In 2016, O-film started to establish Display and Interaction Business Unit and started to march into AR/VR field.

Based on its technical advantages in optical and photo-electronic fields, Display and Interaction BU established extensive cooperation with leading enterprises in AR/VR field. It invested in uSens (a technology company situated in Silicon Valley), and Nurulize ( a technology company situated in America's Los Angeles) and kept close strategic cooperative relations with them. Meanwhile, it also invested in ODG and will conduct extensive cooperation with them in VR/AR field in the future.

AR/VR is currently the popular entrepreneurial field and is very likely to become the next major computing platform. A war will erupt in this market soon. According to the Global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Expenditure Semi-annual Report recently issued by the market research firm IDC, brand-new hardware equipment makes it possible for AR/VR technology to be used by more and more companies and individuals. Developers will create numerous new user experience for these equipment in the next few years, which will completely change the working mode. It is possible that the compound annual growth rate of the revenue derived from global AR & VR market is going to reach 181.3 percent from 2015 to 2020. Its revenue will reach 162 billion dollars in 2020. The sales revenue of AR/VR hardware could account for over half of the world's total revenue before 2020.

According to our research in VR/AR field, there are tremendous market opportunities for VR/AR technology. The deployment in VR/AR field is going to improve our overall competitiveness, which fits our strategic development demand and have extremely important practical significance and market prescience.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a technology that can calculate real-time 3D image information. It aimed at making it possible for virtual world and real world to interact on the screen. AR can be extensively applied in the fields of military, medical treatment, construction, education, engineering, film and television, entertainment.

O-film has reached agreements in investment and cooperation with OSTERHOUT DESIGN GROUP (ODG), a world-leading AR technological company situated in Silicon Valley. O-film has invested over 200 billion dollars into this company. Meanwhile, O-film and ODG have researched, developed and manufactured this AR device in Nanchang, China.

It took ODG over 10 years and billions of dollars to bring the technology that is originally used in military into consumer electronic field.Weighing only around 100 grams, AR glass R-9 is expected to replace smart phones and become essential products in people's daily correspondence and communication in the near future.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is also called artificial environment. It could simulate a 3D virtual world with computer to provide users with simulated sensory experience like they are actually on the scene. This technology enables users to observe all the things in the three-dimensional space in time without limitation. VR can be applied to entertainment, medical treatment, construction, industrial simulation and many other aspects.

Based on its technical advantages in 3D camera modules, Display and Interaction BU has established extensive cooperation with VR hardware manufacturers, VR content suppliers and VR system suppliers since 2016. We has already completed the investment in uSens, a technological company based in Silicon Valley. And the investment in Czvv is in plan. Besides, we maintain close strategic cooperative relations with world-leading VR technological companies such as uSens, Nurulize and Czvv at the same time.

uSens is a company that provides VR/AR three-dimensional human-computer interaction. Currently, this company has already developed the first generation of VR product "Impression Pi" and human-computer interaction platform Fingo that can be applied to mobile phones.

Czvv focuses on intelligent wearable device (HMD) and R&D in VR field. It possesses over 10 years of experience in VR technology, the company is one of the earlier domestic companies to engage in VR industry. Meanwhile, it's also one of the ealier teams at home to commercialize the concept of VR and build an operation mode.

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