The business entity of LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) Business Unit is Nanchang O-film Display Technology Co., Ltd. which was established in 2014. The company has registered capital of 0.2 billion RMB. Its total investment is about 2 billion RMB. Its principal product is liquid crystal display module.

Designed in accordance with the needs of customers, the liquid crystal display module is a complete display module combined the liquid crystal display components, connector, integrated circuit, control-driven circuit, PCB, backlight and structural parts together. Currently, by embedding a touch module, the display module has formed a structure integrating touch and display which is mainly applied to fields such as mobile phones, tablet computers, TVs, automobiles, etc.

The LCM Business Unit has around 2500 employees, with a total production capacity of 10kk per month and a yearly output value of 4 billion RMB. With 150 experienced professionals in R&D, manufacturing and engineering and quality assurance, we provide customers with high-quality products along with effective and comprehensive services.

The main production base of LCM Business Unit is in Nanchang. Besides, we has set up affiliated agencies and R&D centers in Tokyo, Seoul and Taiwan to obtain the excellent resources of local technicians, the cutting-edge technologies and industrial information.

Major Customers and Achievements

We has established strategic cooperation with companies having the most advanced cell resources: LGD, JDI, Innolux Display Group and AU Optronics Corp.

In 2015, we successfully realized mass production of middle sized outer hanging display modules of 7-10.1 inches;

In 2015, the wristwatch module project provided wristwatch to Moto and Huawei;

In 2016, we successfully brought in cooperative partners and cooperated with LGD to produce Incell touch display modules, with Innolux Display Group to produce Oncell touch display modules on a large scale, and with EverDisplay Optronics to produce Amoled touch display modules.

Its products are shipped to international customers such as LGE and Moto etc.

Development Strategies

To achieve a production capacity of 20 kk per month and output value of 10 billion per month;

Put world class automatic equipment into brand new factories and production lines which has been built in Nanchang Free Trade Zone;

Established strategic cooperation with advanced factories with cell resources;

Continue to increase R&D investment into Amoled and flexible lamination, which will be applied to in-car touch screens and central control systems of international brands.

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