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The business entity of FPM BU, O-film Biometric Identification Technology Co., Ltd,   was founded in March 2014 , located in the High-Tech Development Zone in Nanchang, next to the scenic Yao Lake. It is a worldwide well-known provider of fingerprint identification modules and focuses on the unified solution for fingerprint identification, it covers the fingerprint chip packaging, module design and manufacturing, algorithm and test software development.

Since its establishment, the FPM BU has been consistently taking the road of scientific and technological innovation as the developing philosophy of our enterprise. With our constant exploration, integration of resources and importation of high technology and team from various channels, our R&D capabilities for fingerprint recognizer became one of the best in the domestic fingerprint reader industry.

The FPM BU will strive to build a perfect scientific research system, and to establish a sound scientific research and development investment mechanism and project management mechanism. The main solutions of the BU includes capacitive type, ultrasonic type, optical type, etc. Its module surface treatment process covers all existing processes includes coating process, technic, IFS process, etc.. Up to now, we have applied for a total of 396 patents and been authorized with 131.

The FPM BU focuses on the research, development and industrialization of fingerprint identification devices, and stresses on the development of dozens of production lines including fingerprint identification devices and so on. Through the sound sales network, we increased investment in scientific research, ensured the capability to industrialize the result of our scientific research, and achieved a virtuous circle of scientific research investment and the transformation of achievements. As our capabilities of research, production, sales and services are growing synchronously, we embark on a sustained and rapid developing road.

Technology Development Direction

1、The Brand New “Under Glass” Fingerprint Solution

In addition to the existing capacitive solution, O-film has invested resources into actively develop new fingerprint identification solutions in order to improve the current shortcomings. For example, because of the capacitive approach’s poor penetration in Under glass solution, we need to do blind hole treatment on the cover glass, which greatly increases the cost, while the new approach can be a good solution to this problem.

As the typical representatives of the new solutions, ultrasonic solution and optical solution has the characteristics of high penetration and good performance in the wet finger case.

2、Under Display Solution

To integrate the fingerprint recognition module and the mobile phone real-life module together to realize fingerprint unlocking in the visible area

3、Industrial Fingerprint Applications

In addition to providing mobile phone fingerprint module solutions, O-film is focusing on integrating software encryption technology to enhance security performance so as to develop the application of biometric identification in the fields of financial payment, security, vehicles, health, etc.

Development & Accomplishments

In March 2014, Nanchang O-film Biometric Identification Technology Co., Ltd. was established, located in the high-technology development zone of Nanchang.

In June 2015, conducted mass production of high-shining coating for fingerprint module.

In September 2015, the monthly shipment of matte and shine fingerprint module reached 10 million.

In May 2016, the monthly shipment of fingerprint module reached 20 million.

Future Planning

Developing actively in the new technology research and development, lead the layout of under glass and display area fingerprints scheme, etc.

Industry chain integration includes algorithm, encryption, packaging, module design and production, system solutions;

Researching and developing all types of bioassay technology, includes optics and ultrasonic scheme, etc.

Developing software encryption technology on the basis of hardware research and development, using multiple solutions to increase safety performance;

On the basis of mobile phone fingerprint module, developing the biometric identification applications in the fields of financial payment, security and protection, automobile, health, etc.

Industrial fingerprint applications

In addition to providing mobile phone fingerprint module solutions, O-film is focusing on integrating software encryption technology to enhance security performance, so that to develop biometric identification applications in financial payment, security, automotive, health and other fields.

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