The O-film Touch Panel Business Unit was founded in 2008. Its manufacturing bases spread over in Shenzhen, Suzhou and Nanchang, with over 300 R&D personnel and more than 900 foreign and domestic patents.With the vertical integration production pattern, TP Business Unit has successfully developed several advanced technologies including reel to reel ITO Coating, reel to reel Sensor automatic production, Metal Mesh etc., extended in application areas such as mobile phone, tablet, PC, intelligent wearable, Vehicle/industrial control and so on. Besides, it innovatively developed technologies like Super Hover, forced induction and tactile feedback etc. to rich the user experience. By using its technique innovation, O-film has become a worldwide well-known touch panel manufacturer.


Entered Resistive Touch Panel (RTP) market in 2008;

Transferred to Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP) in 2010;

The first domestic RTR full-automatic sensor production line went into mass production in 2011;

The first domestic RTR flexible ITO coating production line went into mass production in 2011;

3.5um- line-width metal mesh sensor was successfully developed in 2012, and started mass production in 2013;

The shipments of CTP reach 20KKper month;

Metal Mesh won the sixteenth China Patent Gold Award in 2014;

O-film successfully developed super hover TP, and achieved non-contact touch in Feb. 2015;

O-film successfully developed TP module with force touch function, and achieve 3D touch;

The in-cell module, combined touchpad and display, went into mass production in Sep. 2015, which laid the foundation for entering the high-end mobile phone market.

As of March 2016, Fixed Bending Flexible Touch solution was developed;

As of June 2016, Repeated Rotary Flexible Touch solution was developed.

Emerging Business and Distribution

Had already engaged in on board and industrial market in 2015 and successively passed the customers’ verification in some foreign and domestic high-end brands’ customer verification, start to mass production and distribution, becoming the new growth points in the touch panel business.

In 2015, engaged into the intelligent wearable market, successfully mass produced touch screen of the international famous brand smart watch.

In 2016, into the flexible touch panel product domain.

Advanced Technologies
Super Hover technology

Unique capacitive sensor + sensing calculating solution to realize the super sensitive detection of electric field.

Remote floating touch within 50mm.

Margin touch control with no mechanical buttons, and coupled with water-proof design.Frameless touch control.

IFS Integration Screen technology

Includes the fingerprint identification mode in the touch screen module.

Integrates touch, display and fingerprint recognition.

The water-proof hidden-type fingerprint recognition.High penetrability-oriented fingerprint recognition

Force Touch technology

Added a pressure measurement sensor is to detect the touch pressure on screen.

Realized 3D touch.

Multi-operations are accessible through pressure detection includes speed and volume control etc.

Touch Feedback technology

By stimulating epidermis with static electricity and using certain calculation methods, it brings user a real tactile impression when touching the visualized objects.

Make your touch smart.

Enrich your touch with dimensionalities.

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