O-film Awarded ‘Best Strategic Partnership Award’
Release time:2017-10-26 On Oct. 13th,the 2017 Xiaomi Core Suppliers Conference with the theme of "Win-Win" was held in Hubei Xiantao. Many global electronics giants such as Qualcomm, Sony and Samsung attended the conference. In the meeting, O-film received the "Best Strategic Partnership Award” from hundreds of worldwide core suppliers with the outstanding performance in quality, delivery and other aspects.

This honor is mainly due to close cooperation with millet. Since 2011, O-film developed close cooperation with millet in TP,FPM,CCM,LCM,CL and other fileds.At the same time,cooperation between the two sides continue to expand new areas,and achieved a qualitative leap, supply products gradually keep abreast with high-end products. Take CCM as an example,July 26th, Xiaomi released 5X,the first new phone which can locate the offline groups.5X's dual camera is highly praised by users. The supplier of this dual camera is O-film.

The chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun Said, Xiaomi's sales has successfully reversed this year, which benefited from the support of all suppliers partners, Xiaomi will work hand in hand with the supplier partners to further enhance the supply capability, let 'Xiaomi funs' easier to buy the favorite Xiaomi products. Undoubtedly,the future development plan of Xiaomi is  a great business opportunity for suppliers.

"Best Strategic Partnership Award” is not only a high recognition of the products quality and management ability of O-film, but also the achievement of long term practice for quality first and get the customer concept with high quality products. O-film will still insist on the core values of "All for customers", and make great efforts with Xiaomi for win-win.

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