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O-film Smart Home BU is a Hi-Tech Company which focusing on R&D and producing smart home product and robot. Company has completed the development layout of smart home, smart hardware and robot by rich technical strength, powerful R&D team and continuous innovation.

In terms of smart home product, Smart Home BU worked out an all-around smart system solution which combines smart community, smart building and smart home together, and the products are widely applied in the community, hotel, villa and office building. In respect of smart hardware, we follows the design philosophy of "natural, smart, simple and user-friendly", released smart product adapting to all users. At present, iCool (an intelligent air conditioning housekeeper) is in the market. As for robot, we focus on R&D and producing domestic robot including service robot, pet robot, and accompanying robot.

Smart Home BU devotes itself to forging brand of smart home industry, sticking to advanced technology and high-performance product and service, leading industrial revolution, bringing smarter home life to human beings and exploring infinite possibilities of future smart home.


The annual key words in recent years such as ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Made in China 2025’ and ‘Internet + Manufacturing’, all direct to one core----Intelligent Manufacturing. Industry 4.0 formed an intelligent network of integrating ubiquitous sensors, embedded terminal systems, intelligent control systems and communication facilities. This intelligent network makes the interconnection between human and human, human and machine, machine and machine, service and service possible.

As a high-tech enterprise dedicated in smart home and robot R&D, Smart Home BU is standing at the turning point of Industry 4.0, and has already started to accelerate at full speed. We adopt advanced technologies in the industry, developed the intelligent products compatible with all the mainstream protocol in the market including Zigbee, WIFI, Bluetooth, KNX/EIB, etc. All kinds of smart home product can connect with our system autonomously. So far, we have possessed sophisticated solution of smart home in this field, which will adapt to different needs and application scenarios. Our smart home systematical solution and affiliated smart products we developed has reached cooperation with Greenland, Vanke, Jingdong and Meizu, which will help us extend our cooperation with more property developers and distributors to benefit thousands of families.

The tide of Industry 4.0 is just beginning. Meanwhile different kinds of artifacts used by humans in our daily lives have been labeled as INTELLIGENT.  Among many consumer electronics, there are different kinds of sensors and connectors. Apparently, the public space shared by smart home devices and robot will spread out comprehensively with time, which is just a matter of time. In this trend of industrial revolution, Company will be walking in the forefront of the tide in the future.

R&D Ability

Smart Home BU possesses a team of 100 people, whose founding team has been working earnestly in the industry for decades and had developed products that were applied in hundreds of smart home buildings owned by large developers at home and abroad, in large scale. So far, 60% of the team belongs to R&D.

Smart Home BU has sophisticated solutions of smart home, which adapt to different needs and application scenarios. They adopt excellent techniques in the industry and their reliability has been tested by the market. For instance, the Indoor Intelligent Terminal uses the quad-core processors with powerful hardware processing ability. The Internet of Things developed by us autonomously can search and find different external devices by itself, and these devices can connect with our intelligent terminal according to their respective protocols to realize interconnection. Our smart products adopt the communication architecture with a combination of wired and wireless, as well as dual network architecture with internal and external network separated. We can also split different products to meet the individual customer’s requirement.

As for the smart single product, our listed product-iCool (a intelligent air conditioning housekeeper) possesses 3 national patent certificates, which can turn common air-conditioner into intelligent in a second. It has raised 1.2 million in Crowed Funding.

In 2016, O-film Smart Home BU will release three new products: Smart Home Robot, Super Home Service Robot, and Doggie at home (pet accompanying robot).

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